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Takes any character code string, and returns a replacement string containing the code with the ASCII equivalents.

JigWorks Professional is a Java-based, multi-threaded multifunctional document workbench, which supports native file formats, including TIFF, XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT. With JigWorks you can edit and convert multiple documents simultaneously.
Unparalleled functionality
JigWorks Professional has a number of features such as format conversion, merge, split, cut, paste and delete, rename, copy, move, lock, unlock, add comment, compare, share and store PDF documents. Additionally, it can convert between Microsoft Excel XLS and XLSX, as well as XLSX to XLS. Finally, the software supports the Microsoft Office OLE and office workbooks formats, plus TIFF images.
Multi-tasking document workbench
JigWorks Professional can handle a number of documents, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs and native formats such as XLS, XLSX, TXT and CSV, simultaneously. Moreover, you can convert any of these files to a new format.
The software supports multi-processing through the use of multi-threaded Java technology, which enables you to edit or convert multiple documents at the same time. Furthermore, you can select any file and perform several actions, for instance opening it, editing, merging, splitting, sorting and exporting.
Flexible document workbench
JigWorks Professional works with a variety of file formats and supports native as well as Microsoft Office formats. You can easily open, edit and convert any format, including PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT. Moreover, the software supports the Microsoft Office formats and allows you to open them directly. Furthermore, you can perform operations such as opening, editing, merging, splitting, copying, moving, renaming and exporting. Finally, you can compare two documents, and you can share the output.
Excel compatibility
JigWorks Professional supports Microsoft Excel workbooks, as well as XLS and XLSX documents. You can edit, merge, split, copy, move, rename and analyze Excel files, or convert them to other formats.
Trusted solution
JigWorks Professional is a safe and easy to use document workbench, which is reliable and supports multiple platforms.
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JigWork is a simple to use software, bundled with file management functions, that supports TX 70238732e0

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KeyMacro can help you quickly and easily save time and energy at your computer, helping you to “unclutter” your keyboard and reduce keystrokes. To the untrained eye, KeyMacro is similar to the Windows KeyRepeat program, but it is different. KeyMacro allows you to “program” your own KeyMacros to automate tasks and it can be activated with just the click of a mouse.
KeyMacro is a simple to use, integrated utility that comes with all editions of Windows XP. The KeyMacro function can be accessed from within any program. You can define new keymacros to automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks. The KeyMacro function can be used with any program and allows you to control the mouse to perform a specific task (i.e. Go to the next/previous tab, highlight text, move the mouse to click on an icon, to create a pop-up menu).
KeyMacro can be used to automate repetitive actions that might not be obvious to the user. KeyMacro can be assigned to any keystroke and is perfect for Internet users that want to automatically save a Web page, or to automatically create a new e-mail with the same information already typed in an existing e-mail.
KeyMacro can be activated by the computer, just by clicking the appropriate button on your keyboard. You can easily create a custom keymacro for performing any task. KeyMacro is a great tool for minimizing the amount of time and effort required for some tasks and for minimizing the number of keystrokes required to accomplish tasks.
KeyMacro comes with the following features:
■ Different keymacros can be defined
■ A simple interface that allows you to activate a keymacro by pressing the assigned key, and to define your own keymacro with the corresponding keystrokes
■ In the future, the KeyMacro functionality can be expanded to other programming languages such as VBScript
■ 1.58 GHz or faster processor (for Windows 2000/XP)
■ Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
■ 6.5mb Hard Drive Space
■ KeyMacro can not be used to perform tasks other than the one that are programmable. KeyMacro does not support the integration of other programs with it.
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KeyChar can help you quickly and