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Quoting Andreas-G (Reply 12):
Uhm, about the mast mount option: as far as I understood, there is no need to bolt the mast to the hull, but to use the conventional aircraft style mast and fix it with the mast mount kit.

In that case, it won’t be necessary to fit it.

In your pov it will be easier to transport because it isn’t fixed to anything else. I don’t know any of the pros and cons of this approach though (or maybe I simply haven’t been informed correctly).

From my research, it seems as though converting to skiplane would be the best option, but it also seems more difficult. I’ve done some searching on “any of the better offroad motor sled conversions” and I’ve seen the MJ Controllers (electronics incorporated into the chassis) mentioned as the way to go – but also costly.

Lots of info here – we’ll probably do a “bumper and bar” re-skis and come up with a plan – even though we’ve got some other things planned.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. And then, if we go with the Skiplane type concept – any recommendations for a kit?

It might be a while before we fit the re