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Fishbowl Client is a Facebook client that lets you perform several activities with your Facebook account.

An enhanced Facebook client with many innovative features and options for advanced users.
Fishbowl Client is an enhanced Facebook client with many innovative features and options for advanced users. This Facebook client allows you to perform some very useful functions, like quickly joining other people to a public group, removing comments from a post, fixing photos and tags, checking your profile, or viewing friends’ photos without the hassle of signing in and out of Facebook multiple times.
Fishbowl Client can save your time by allowing you to quickly comment on any post, search your friends list and check your profile.
You can choose how Fishbowl interacts with your account. You can decide how frequently it will check your account for updates. You can limit its access to the internet to avoid consuming your computer’s resources. You can also choose to allow your friend’s posts to appear in your list of Recent Activity.
In addition, Fishbowl Client lets you manage your status update, send private messages, navigate to different groups or search for your friends. You can also see your friends’ activity and join a private group.
It is time to show your friends and to make them laugh with your funny status updates, so check your profile, search for friends, add new friends and send private messages.
Fishbowl Client makes sharing fun. It allows you to type, share, and create funny status updates and photos that you want to share with your friends.
Make your own avatar, edit your profile, control the sharing options, change the background and design your profile. The interface and the appearance of your status updates will be customizable.
Fishbowl Client makes it easy to manage your profile and check your friends’ statuses. You can also navigate to groups and make friends.
You will get access to the Full Access feature, which means that you will be able to view and manage all information, including posts, comments and pictures, and apply privacy settings.
You can control the access of the application to the internet to avoid using the bandwidth. It allows you to change the theme, layout and the appearance of the application.
You can sort your friends’ information by adding and removing tags. It allows you to check your friend’s photos and add them to your photo album. You can also scroll through your friend’s newsfeed, follow their posts, join their groups, remove them from your friends list, and view their activity.

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Super Grate is a specialized software solution that helps you migrate or backup Windows User Profiles. You can rely on this application whenever you want to make sure your profile data is safe.
Backup user profiles
The main window is straightforward, so you can easily understand the type of information you need to fill in. You need to start by entering the source computer’s name, then set Super Grate to list all the detected users on the PC.
Once you have located the profile you are interested in, simply select it and press the Start button.
On the other hand, if you want to migrate the data to a different computer, you only need to enter its name in the dedicated box.
Restore user profiles
When you want to restore the user profiles, entering the target computer’s name is mandatory. Then just load the data from the Store file, and choose the profiles that need to be restored.
Migrate user profiles
Another use for Super Grate is migrating data from one PC to another. As soon as you initiate the migration process, the application copies the user profiles you chose from the “Source Computer” to the store.
Next, it connects to the “Destination Computer” and applies the user profiles you had selected from the “Source Computer.”
Customize settings
In terms of customization, you can access the Settings window and set Super Grate to delete the user profile you have migrated or backed up.
You can also delete the user profile from the migration store after a successful restoration.
In a nutshell, Super Grate comes in handy when you want to backup or migrate user profiles without disrupting the work of the any user. The app can be installed on a network share drive, so it can manage data from multiple computers.Q:

How to display the nodes of one side of an EF graph in a single view when using subgraph

I have a project that displays the nodes of one side of an EF graph in a single view.
I am using DbSet and all my nodes are of the same type and inherit from the same base class.
I have the following view…
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