Cthulhu Saves The World [Updated-2022]

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Old school turn-based gameplay,
A combination of the infamous intro screens from old-school 16-bit JRPGs,
Characters with personalities,
Lots of coffee!


Tons of Class Variety
– 15+ Classes & 170 Unique Traits

A Life for The Taking
– Every encounter results in a battle

– Earn gold for your hero in battle

– Choose your steroids as you adventure

Enemy Schedule
– Hone your fighting skills

Hair Tussle
– Mustaches and beards are not just for goofing off

…Well, almost!
– Players choose the type of game to play in, from Plumbers & Youths to Cosmetics & More. After choosing, players are escorted by anime sprites down the back of the in-game computer.

RPG Maker games created from scratch. At a glace any RPG maker can be easily spotted with its signature style of game making with the many different elements of the engine in display, it can be swiftly determined whether the game is made from scratch or just a not very well done remake of another game.

RPG Maker is based on the Infinity Engine(Infinity Dagger if you ask me) is quite well known for it’s simplicity of coding and making games, probably it was the first RPG Maker game.

The following is my list of favorite RPG Maker games that are currently playable :

Hokuto No Ken

Hokuto Ken is the remake of the action RPG released on different platforms by Namco with the original name of Hokuto No Ken, I think this game stands out for its fast pace action as well as its western styled combat system that is quite comparable to Final Fantasy VII.

The following is my list of favorite RPG Maker games that are currently playable :

Hokuto No Ken

Hokuto Ken is the remake of the action RPG released on different platforms by Namco with the original name of Hokuto No Ken, I think this game stands out for its fast pace action as well as its western styled combat system that is quite comparable to Final Fantasy VII.

The following is my list of favorite RPG Maker games that are currently playable :

Character Design


I’m pretty sure no one else appreciates the love Gero has for character design. In his mind it’s always centered around the relationships that can be established between them


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Download Setup + Crack ✫✫✫ DOWNLOAD

Cthulhu Saves The World Features Key:

    • Campaign mode – where 2-6 friendly party members engage hordes of nightmares in sprawling battles.
    • Monster hunting – wander the nine planes of dream and give nightmares the shock of their lives.
    • Endless Skelatoned terror – Cthulhu’s Cube is a cornerstone feature, preventing peaceful souls from sleeping!
    • Zombie-ridden worlds to fight monsters in – the Rotting shores of Kadji-ka-taer, dark dreams of Maor, the dark temple of Nzath-zeuth or the menacing Glimmire. Are you brave enough to delve into dark dreams and fight monstrosities?
    • Tons of RPG elements – level your characters, make use of all 15 character classes, craft, cast spells, manage your health and find equipment, as well as combine weapons to gain bonus attack and defense.
    • Specialities – store your experience points in speciality books and earn money from quest rewards and equipment.
    • Re-playability – be it to create a new, different and original hero, to play as the enemy in a scenario or to stop your nightmares from killing the world, you can do whatever you want!
    • Undead sea giants, ancient nazca stones, zombie sharks, flying cat-folk, nightmarish omens and a trio of voodoo dolls; this adventure of your dreams is waiting for you!
    • Norse gods, voodoo priests and drow wizards; prepare yourself for a night of slapstick and anguish!


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    A beleaguered order of monster hunters prepares to defend their homeland against a monstrosity of unimaginable power. Will their plight carry them to victory over the Great Old Ones, or doom them to utter destruction?Q:

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    Cthulhu Saves the World is a 2D pixelated romp through four cities in New England in the company of Cthulhu, the being you’re sworn to protect. You control a vampire hunter who has pledged her life to the bemused (and just a little bit terrified) Elder God and his endless minions to keep Cthulhu quiet. Your life, as well as the lives of the residents, the fate of New England, and the fate of the world depends on your actions. If you get the game and don’t enjoy it, let me know. That’s not a joke. I mean it. If you love it, I’d like to know that too.

    Sometimes, in games that are larger than a few measly pixels, size matters. But that doesn’t matter so much in Cthulhu Saves the World because it’s never allowed to get away with it.

    What’s the point of a comedy game if it can’t be funny? Well, what’s the point of a crazy game if it doesn’t have crazy challenges? It’s a delicate balance: play long enough to get the jokes, or put down the controller. And to be honest, this game doesn’t suffer too much.

    In these four searing cities, you spend your time dying, trading death potions for health, avoiding the vengeful forces of the other Gods, and simply enjoying the simple, idyllic life of a pixelated hunter.

    Of course, there’s more than that: a high-powered hack-and-slash system of weapon upgrading, a persistent journal to keep track of your misadventures, endless side-quests, and that oft-ignored attribute of a stealth game: interesting story.

    However, it’s the story and the humour that really sets this game apart. It’s clever, surprising, and just plain fun. It may have the answers it’s looking for, but it also gives me, the player, a whole lot more to think about.

    I’d rather die happy then live in fear, so I’ve been playing all the time. Right now, I’m trying to survive the mutant zombies’ attack on my city. For now, I’ve just eaten a sandwich, and have a blood supply of 15 HP.

    When that runs out, I’ll need to keep my enemies from catching me and eating me. When I die, I’ll have to rethink my actions. Will it be best to stay and fend off the attack


    What’s new:

    I will be attending D20Con, this year held at various locations in Ontario. This article is about a new role-playing game, Cthulhu Saves the World, which will first appear at the game’s launch in Quebec and then nationally. Though I have only three of their characters to play with, I have never liked the class-based approach to D&D, so a game looking to destroy it is something to get in on.

    Two Things

    Before that, though, I have to bring two other things to the party’s attention. First of all, fan fiction! There are two editions of Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson, the Stormlight Archive and the Mistborn trilogy. The Mistborn Trilogy is a set of interconnected novels that use Craftworlds. Perhaps Unsong will be making an appearance and folks will converge on Moonstone! (You can read my thoughts on The Stormlight Archive here.)

    With that out of the way, let’s address the new role-playing game. Cthulhu Saves the World is an innovative but ambitious project with enough ideas to please any Rpg geek. The game promotes storytelling rather than numbers, and uses character creation similar to FiveThirtyEight’s Alexa! You do have an option to have these random stats in a more traditional fashion – characters are automatically generated with specific features such as race, ability score, skills, and feat. Having this option is not mandatory, but recommended in order to create a more balanced character if that’s your preference.

    Very Hot Tabs

    The Con

    Cthulhu Saves the World has a very creative Kickstarter campaign and I am a loyal supporter from way back. It has a minimum investment of $25 and no hard cap. That’s right, you don’t need to be in a band like Five Months AAA to step up and save the world. Everyone can help make a difference in someone’s life, and a difference it definitely is. Had it not been for the Kickstarter you would have a significantly smaller company than the one producing. The product is described as an evocative game based on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. The promise is to mix classic gaming with storytelling.

    The creative team consists of 8 people: Jake Laperle, director/writer; Adrian Pacheco and George Leir, developers; Jason Wong, editor; Adam Burch, marketing; Derek Robson, art; Josh Miller,


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Current Version: 0.7

Disabling Your Computing Device

The game needs to disable your screen, we’re ashamed to say.

How to Do It?

How to Disabling Your Screen

  • Go to device manager.  Close the VGA window.
  • Go to power management options.
  • Go to the connections tab.
  • Right click on your adapter, and click disable.

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System Requirements:

– OS : Windows 7 SP1 64bit
– Hard Disk space : at least 10 MB to install Zesty Zebra (available only for 32bit versions)
– Memory : 2 GB or more
Zesty Zebra installer is a 7.8 MB compressed file and it can be downloaded from our website using your web browser. Once the download is completed you will find the.zip file for Zesty Zebra. Now you have to extract the installer and run it. Click here to download Zesty Zebra setup for 64 bit and here to download for



Levels 12  
Time Totaled 3 Weeks