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bind_rows_if_missing works not for in_group_by()

I have the following data:
id %
group_by(id) %>%
mutate(data2 = bind_rows(data2[!is.na(data2)], data2)) %>%

But when I try to use in_group_by() I can no longer use bind_rows()
df %>%
in_group_by(id) %>%
mutate(data2 = bind_rows_if_missing(data2[!is.na(data2)], data2))

I don’t understand why. I only had a case like this when I was doing “function_based” grouping, e.g. group_by(fun(d)) which I solved using mutate.


I found out what the problem was. In_group_by is deprecated and can be replaced with summarise_each. However there is a bug in summarise_each that cannot be solved without using summarise


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