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How can I reuse this code on a button click?

I am trying to reuse the code that gets triggered when the code behind button is pressed. Right now, I have a modal popup that is hidden until a button on the main page is pressed. In the code behind I have a small popup that contains just a map and some buttons.
I’d like to be able to do the same thing with the popup on the button click from the main page. I don’t know if I can declare it as a global variable, or if the more correct way is to just rerun the popup code that’s already in the code behind.


Your question is pretty broad, and your code a little unclear. But here is a possible example using javascript/jquery:
Button in form


function myFunction() {
// Your popup code goes here


Popup js

$(“#Button1”).on(“click”, function(){
$(“#Button2”).on(“click”, function(){

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