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Take notes, organize them, search through them, and collaborate with others. With Evernote, you can organize your life in one place, across multiple platforms, from a single trusted source.
At Evernote, we believe that information should never be locked away in one place. Whether it’s to-do lists, daily planners, photos, Web clippings, recipes, video, audio or notes, anywhere is an idea’s best place to be. Our goal is to make Evernote the place where information lives.
Back that up with an unlimited cloud storage space and unlimited offline access, and you have the power of a private yet open notebook right at your fingertips. Any idea is an instant note. Evernote is here to serve as your digital memory for life, and make it safe, secure and useful.
With Evernote, your world is in one place.
Feature highlight:
•Take notes and other information anywhere, on any device.
•Search and organize everything, across platforms.
•Create an unlimited number of notebooks and tags.
•Sync across platforms and backed up in the cloud.
•Record video, audio, sketches and images.
•Download notes in plain text, HTML, and EPUB format.
•Text, image, video, sketch, audio notes can be attached to just about anything.
•Include links and attach files to notes and notebooks.
•Evernote supports most major platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac, and Windows.

For students and those who are looking for a safe, secure and distraction-free way to keep track of class notes, exam schedules, study material and more, Evernote is a must-have.
Evernote Description:
Evernote is designed for your desktop, your phone, and the web. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just looking for a way to keep track of your life, Evernote makes it easy.
Evernote is free and has no software to install. You can use the desktop version in any web browser and take notes, add attachments, and send them through email. Evernote on the phone lets you take notes and keep them secure. Evernote also has a free web client for your desktop or phone.
Evernote is simple. It is focused on getting you and your life in order.
It is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to get started. Evern eea19f52d2


Recovers lost or corrupted files and folders in just a few simple steps.

You don’t have to read or understand manual.

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No computer knowledge is required to use this software.

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Select an original ZIP or a ZIPX archive for recovery.

Click on Recover now and let the tool recover files from the damaged archive.

The tool can save the recovered files in various types of archive, such as the 7z, zip, rar, lzma, tar, bz2, and iso.

If you need to preview files or folders before recovery, use the Preview option.

If you want to recover files from more than one archive, you can restore them all at the same time by using the multiple archive recovery option.

This is a FREE utility that requires only a few simple steps.

It’s free to use and very easy to use.

The tool can repair files from damaged archives with an error and it can also repair corrupted archives.


You should check your system for malware. Many applications try to trick you into installing spyware on your computer. It’s easy to get a real virus or malware on your system when you download and install applications from unreliable sources or you attempt to perform advanced operations, such as programming.
To protect yourself against such threats, always pay attention to the resources that you share with your PC. Read software reviews. If possible, only download software from a well-known site, such as the official websites of popular software developers. Check out the software’s help section. If you’re