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COLSORT is a simple, command line based tool designed to help you sort multi-column data with just a few clicks. As you might know, sorting this type of data (think names and associated scores) can be a trial.







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COLSORT is a free, CLI based command line tool for sorting multi-column data. It has a friendly user interface and is specifically designed to sort very large files without causing hard drives to run out of space.
COLSORT Features:
Command Line Options: The CLI version of the program supports the following command line options:
-h or –help
-b or –bytes
-s or –suffixes
-k or –sort-column
-j or –jump
-b or –bytes, –bytes-at-start
–filter, –filter-name, –filter-entry, –filter-entry-name
-d or –dummy
-s or –suffixes, –suffixes-at-start
-n or –filter-name, –filter-name-at-start, –filter-name-at-end
-l or –list
–sort-column, –sort-cols-at-start
–sort-column-name, –sort-cols-name-at-start, –sort-cols-name-at-end
–sort-column-name-or-time, –sort-cols-time-at-start, –sort-cols-time-at-end
–sort-cols-time-at-start, –sort-cols-time-at-end
-f or –first-name
–first-name-or-time-at-start, –first-name-or-time-at-end
-t or –time-only


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Unsupported Screenshots:
An example of the View modes:
The examples above are for a basic search of the keymacro.
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Keymacro is available on:
· Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7
· Mac OS X
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COLSORT PC/Windows [Latest] 2022


Disable displaying the column headers

When you use the current format ` | `, then `files` and `folders` are sorted based on “ (sorting them one by one) and “ (sorting them all together) as if it is a file.

Sort the files or directories according to `FIRST`, `SUBJ` or `GEN`. If you want to sort by `FIRST`, use the format: `colsort –sort FIRST`. If you want to sort by `SUBJ`, use the format: `colsort –sort SUBJ`. If you want to sort by `GEN`, use the format: `colsort –sort GEN`.

Change the directory output to “

Specify to use direntry instead of just

What’s New in the?

COLSORT is a simple, command line based tool designed to help you sort multi-column data with just a few clicks. COLSORT was designed to work with these types of data (which are unfortunately growing more common every day):

1. Names
2. Playlists (Yes, this is happening more and more. People are being asked to create worklists for research/writing/teaching activities, instead of sorting through their notes/web browser/binder/… just to find a name)
3. Theses
4. Skills (e.g., programming languages, software tools)
5. Etc…


1. Data-driven
2. Works anywhere
3. Clustering & Exclusivity in data
4. User-friendly, comfortable, and simple to use (even on command line)
5. Much smaller than a native spreadsheet program
6. All data (and columns) can be sorted, filtered, and stored in the background for future use
7. Easily create custom versions
8. Be driven by MS Excel, MS Access, CSV, or any of the free alternatives (e.g., LibreOffice)
9. Required to get (at least) the following:

System Requirements For COLSORT:

– Windows 8 or higher
– DirectX 11 graphics card
– Minimum of 1 GB RAM
– 1 CPU core
– 2GB DirectX Texture Memory
– Internet connection
– Recommended 1GHz or higher CPU
– 2GB RAM or more Recommended 1GHz or higher CPU
– 4 GB DirectX Texture Memory
– 1024 x 768 display resolution
– Recommended: Windows 7, DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
– Game Controller support
– Minimum: 1 GB RAM
– Minimum: