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Cleantouch MDMS includes 12 modules:
– Sales report
– Purchases report
– Inventory report
– Sales Agent report
– Transfer receipt report
– Sales slip report
– Sales Agent & Sales receipt
– Cash receipt report
– Retrieve receipt report
– Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss report
– Excell report
– Bill report
The inventory and sales records of the MDMS can be maintained separately. Each record is linked to the order which enables for easy and fast retrieval.
The system is flexible and supports printing of bills, invoices, transfers, receipts, sales slips, and reports in several languages.

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Cleantouch Medicine Distribution System With Registration Code [32|64bit]

1. To print bills
2. To re-run bills
3. To generate reports
4. To maintain stock information
5. To assign item to staffs
6. To change stock information of items and managers
7. To maintain customer relationship
8. To maintain batch allocation
9. To manage sales with item and batch wise allocation
10. To manage receival with bill, date, customer, invoice, batch
11. To track stock information
12. To maintain customer name
13. To maintain employee name
14. To set up invoice
15. To manage stock with inventory module
16. To assign batch to stock
17. To assign batch to manager
18. To assign batch to stock in down
19. To assign salesmen to items
20. To assign item to salesman
21. To create sales order
22. To set up sale order
23. To re-run sale order
24. To create purchase order
25. To set up purchase order
26. To calculate and display items cost
27. To select item of interest from item summary
28. To add new item
29. To change date
30. To add new employees
31. To re-run report
32. To select report type
33. To select date, customer, invoice, and report
34. To change customer
35. To change invoice
36. To change date and invoice
37. To change report type
38. To add new report
39. To delete item
40. To edit item
41. To re-run bill
42. To add new salesman
43. To edit salesman
44. To add new employee
45. To delete salesman
46. To edit employee
47. To add new customer
48. To edit customer
49. To delete customer
50. To edit area
51. To assign area to salesman
52. To assign area to employee
53. To delete area
54. To assign batch to manager
55. To assign batch to employee
56. To assign batch to stock
57. To assign batch to salesman
58. To assign item to salesman
59. To assign batch to item
60. To assign item to salesman
61. To view customer by area
62. To view customer by name
63. To view employee by area
64. To view employee by name
65. To edit employee
66. To edit area

Cleantouch Medicine Distribution System [Mac/Win]

Software Setup:
The user can select either one of the versions, Customer Control or Distributor Control.
The distributed system can be managed through any of the combinations of Clients and Control Centers. A Client is a stock keeping unit which operates independently. Each Clients has its own Control Center. A Control Center consists of a master Client or Server, Control Centers to the Clients, and a Manager.
There are 2 types of Control Centers – Operator and Manager. The Operator Control Center is used by Distributors to manage his/her Sales force. Manager Control Center can be accessed by the Distributor or Client to manage his/her stock and sales. The Manager Control Center displays stock and sales summary for the Distributor.
Clients are connected to the Manager Control Center, while Control Centers are connected to the Manager Control Center through its manager control Center.
Control Center is a separate executable program and it can be installed and configured anywhere with a working internet connection. The setup of Control Center is highly scalable and can be reconfigured or redesigned at any time without any software release.
The Manager Control Center displays inventory summary for each client through its ability to track the cumulative inventory of any client. The Manager Control Center displays sales summary for each control center through its ability to track sales made to each control center.
The Manager Control Center provides a web browser based report generator to users. The users can query the database and generate reports for viewing by themselves.


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System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Intel i5-2400 or better
Graphics: 1GB
Operating System:
Windows 7/8
Windows 10
Mac OS X
Note: This game may not run on all systems without upgrading graphics driver or modifying other settings.
Recommended System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 or better
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RX 480