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Create several profiles to help you get the best sound possible for your room and for any other application.
Each profile will have a complete set of settings that will allow you to get the best sound possible, but also to have a preset with what to do if you move to a different room.
KEYMACRO is the software version of the KeyMacro.io keyboard module that is used by some of the world’s best recording studios. KEYMACRO allows you to assign macros for all the parameters and functions on your keyboard, so you can quickly and easily get the exact sound you want in all your recordings, mixdowns, or productions.
KeyMacro is a powerful and easy-to-use software for keyboard macros, MIDI keycodes, sequencer, and more. More than just a music-production tool, the software is an essential tool for sound engineers, performers, and music publishers.
Quick-step mapping, fully customizable, allows you to record, edit and play sequences from the actual keyboard. You can use multiple macros at once: create one key mapping for one voice, while you can also have a combination of several key mappings to play the different sections of a song.
KeyMacro is perfect for both musicians and sound engineers.
With KeyMacro you can:
– Convert a computer keyboard to a multitimbral computer keyboard. The software will convert it to a standard MIDI keyboard.
– Edit and create presets with key mappings, assign the presets to the different keys of the keyboard, and use multiple presets at the same time.
– Use the standard keyboard in multitimbral mode to record your guitar or bass tracks.
– Record your audio or MIDI files with a MIDI keyboard in a separate folder.
– Edit and use the key mapping in one sound in your multitimbral studio and in other folders as separate multitimbral audio files.
– Create key-mapped presets and use the available presets on any keyboard.
– Import and export presets as audio files or MIDI files.
– Display both audio and MIDI settings on the main screen.
– Import and export macros and key mappings as audio files or MIDI files.
– Display all of the settings as a tree.
– Export presets with key mappings as an audio or MIDI file.
– Assign keyboard macros to all keys.
– Assign and reuse presets with key mappings as MIDI files.
– Assign presets with key mappings to the virtual piano.
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KEYMACRO is a simple application that allows users to enhance their keyboard using a pre-defined set of keyboard macros. It comes with a set of predefined macros to help users get started. Its presets help users in a variety of situations.
Keyboard Macros:


* NumLock


* CapsLock

* PgUp

* PgDn

* Home

* End

* PageUp

* PageDown

* Insert

* Delete

* Insert+

* Delete+

* Insert\

* Delete\

* Backspace

* Delete\;

* Left

* Right

* Alt

* Shift

* Numpad

* Numpad+

* Break

* CapsLock+

* NumLock+

* ScrollLock

* ScrollUp

* ScrollDown

* Sleep

* Wake

* Launch

* Applications

* Explorer

* Network

* ComPort

* Help

* Cursor

* Close

* Maximize

* Minimize

* Maximize

* Minimize

* DisplaySwitch

* Sleep

* Ctrl+Alt+Del

* Windows+Tab

* Windows+1

* Windows+2

* Windows+3

* Windows+4

* Windows+5

* Windows+6

* Windows+7

* Windows+8

* Windows+9

* Windows+0

* Refresh

* List

* Inactive

* On\

* Off\

* Hibernate

* Restart

* ShutDown

* Startup

* Alt+Tab

* Alt+Tab

* Alt+Tab

* Alt+Tab

* Alt+Tab

* Alt+Tab

* Alt+Tab

* Alt+Tab

* F1

* F2

* F3

* F4

* F5

* F6

* F7

* F8

* F9

* F10

* F11

* F12

* Print