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Name Bus stop in the fog
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Rating 4.28 / 5 ( 6125 votes )
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This game is inspired by all the best parts of Slender and survival horror games.
* 3D environment
* First person perspective
* Make your own decisions
* Puzzles to solve
* Creepy effects
* Original enemies and unique story
* Lost and gloomy atmosphere
* Voice acting
* Original music
* Cinematics
Everything in this game is procedural generated.
The overall goal of this game is to scare and disturb you as much as possible. I have done my best to make this one of the scariest games I could create.
* Download(online version):

Bus stop in the fog 2022 Crack was made possible from a grant from the National Science Foundation.


Linux, Windows, MacOSX.

Bus stop in the fog Torrent Download is a work of fiction. All rights reserved to the developers.

Bus stop in the fog Crack Mac was made possible from a grant from the National Science Foundation. All the story elements are inspired by Slender. It’s the same kind of game where you have to face the dark and scary unknown.

Thanks to:
– MacGyver Games for creating the ultimate horror sandbox
– Blue Ocean Labs for the Unreal Engine
– Polarkreisweg for making the amazing Bus stop props

Official Website:

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Name Bus stop in the fog
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.28 / 5 ( 6125 votes )
Update (12 days ago)


Bus Stop In The Fog Features Key:

  • free online multiplayer game
  • choose your bus (online game mode)
  • online leaderboard


Bus Stop In The Fog Activation Code [32|64bit]

At launch The Bus stop in the fog 2022 Crack game will be available on Steam and itch.io.
Currently the game is a PC exclusive.
The game is the conclusion of my years-long journey of building and designing my own original game from start to finish. I’ve spent nearly 5 years and many man-hours trying to create a variety of dynamic and diverse levels to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. There are 15 different ways to progress through the game and many hidden surprises along the way. I think the end result is pretty unique and really speaks to the depth I want to deliver in my gameplay. This is my first Steam release and I am very excited to share it with the rest of the world! I hope you enjoy the journey with me!


Symmetria is up on Steam. It’s also listed on itch.io.


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Wednesday, February 10, 2018

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What’s new in Bus Stop In The Fog:

of an unknown future.”

The driver, who was jacking up the Lewis car back and forth, stared bleakly into the fog.

“The way we go… ” said Lewis in a voice scratchy from a plugged nose. “And we talk it over.”

“Best we can. Give my regards to that woman, on Fifth Avenue.”

“I am glad… if she’s there,” said an uncertain Lewis as the siren began again. The driver of the parking wagon frowned at the sound, and leaped to the ground. Lewis looked around for something to chisel the words into, but there was no rock handy. “And tell that famous writer—”

“That smart bird?”

“Yes,” said Lewis. “Tell her we talk it over.”

He raised his head and looked up into the fog. The Lewis sedan was already retreating into the fog. And then he thought of something else. “Has anybody seen that cat?” he asked the driver of the parking wagon. He was beginning to stink a little.

“What cat?” asked the driver.

“Black cat I was about to turn loose.”

“No cat,” said the driver. He started toward the black car. “Have to be stronger than that to come back. A cat’s a chance.”

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It had been most of all of the moon, for a long time.

There had been people there a very long time before—sort of craters with a surface like dough and radiating tunnels, old, old tunnels, deep as the ground, that had happened to be shaped like people. “People’ of all sizes and colors. Fat and tall and short and thick, with eyes and hair and long ears, and ears cut off, and ears with feathers in them, and with too many arms.

Some were frightened some were not, and some were calm. They lived in the tunnels, and talked with the people of the planet. Many were wise, and the people loved them, and trusted them, and were very proud to have them among them. Others were stupid, and they stole from the people, and sold them as servants. Some were wise and cruel to the people, and hid them from the rain, and told lies to lure them into hills, where the


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