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JY International Software Solutions

Wrightsoft Form Designer, JY International Software Solutions, allows users to design HTML web forms and Windows Forms. Ideal for designing fast mockup screens with the functionality of standard Windows controls.

No HTML knowledge required.

The forms are created in a VB like drug and drop interface.

The saved form has XML format, which can be stored in Source Control systems and delivered to other parties.

The product is a very good tool for Analysts who want to communicate screen requirements easily. The product can also be used to learn basics of HTML.

Other people who just want to express their screen mockups unambiguously should use the Designer.








Our Customers

In this section you can learn more about our customers and where they work. The list below has been updated recently, so check back regularly to see the latest profiles.

Our products

We have designed and developed a large range of products for business, education and government.
We are currently producing a wide range of software products that include:

Form Designer

WebSite Creator


Wrightsoft SQL Fixer (currently in development)

Wrightsoft Scanner

Professional Soft’s E-Books for Microsoft SQL Server.

Website Redesign

Education and Training courses

Contact us

If you would like to contact us or have any questions please send us an e-mail or use our contact form.*j**3 – 30*j**3 + 5*j**2. Calculate n(-2).
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The Vilas FTP client was developed to address the needs of people who are using FTP clients for not less than 10 years and have never had any problems with the format of traffic controls. With the exception of Vilas it is the only FTP client on the market that allows to quickly learn its functions and minimize the time necessary for mastering it.
– Vilas has been characterized by the user-friendly graphical interface with a wide selection of settings, from the standard to the most advanced ones, to fit every user’s expectations.
– Vilas has a very simple FTP server for file exchange and local network traffic monitoring with advanced functionality.
– Vilas has the ability to work on more than one FTP server simultaneously.
– Vilas provides a set of functions for time analysis, allowing the conversion of the product into a powerful tool for real-time control.
– Vilas has server-server exchange functionality and information transmission between the server and the group of servers and/or a group of local users.
Vilas’ Company Profile:
Vilas is a software company dedicated to the creation of mobile software. Since 1999, Vilas, its subsidiaries, and other companies have developed highly advanced software products for mobile users.
Since 2000, Vilas has been gradually expanding its activity to include a full range of service offerings for mobile and advanced technologies.
Vilas’ product portfolio includes:
i) FTP software (with the Vilas offers, FTP clients become an integral part of the user’s workstation, not an additional component);
ii) The Vilas Provides the ability to work on a server more than one at the same time (server-server exchange);
iii) Built-in traffic monitoring (monitoring traffic for all your data connections);
iv) File synchronisation (file and directory synchronisation in the Vilas FTP clients and the Vilas Server);
v) Business solutions (file synchronisation with the Vilas FTP clients and Vilas Server, back up to a server, monitoring traffic and file synchronisation) (Backup FTP solution);
vi) Server-server exchange functionality (This functionality is used when you work on more than one Vilas Server at the same time or when you are collaborating with another Vilas user working on his/her FTP server)
vii) Vilas VLAN protocol (protocol that allows the creation of