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# changes any version attribute to a new one:
# the version contained in the original file is renamed to.before, the version
# in the.swp file is renamed to.after.
#.swp files are left untouched.

.orig .after .after.swp
.orig nipgce.py nipgce.py
.after nipgce.py nipgce
.after nipgce.py.swp nipgce.py

# Export changes to a file.
# .old: contains the old file.
# .new: contains the changed new file.
# .link: is used to denote the existence of.old,.new,.cnt, or.a
# (temporarily)
# .build: orignal: the build target
# .dir: the work directory
export = nipgce
export.old = nipgce
export.new = nipgce
export.link = :nipgce
export.build = :nipgce
export.dir = $(WORK)/nipgce
export.cnt = $(shell mktemp -d –tmpdir “nipgce”)

nipgce.py = $(SRC)/nipgce.py
nipgce.cpp = $(SRC)/nipgce.cpp

nipgce.py.swp = $(SRC)/nipgce.py

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Cadence of Audio-Driven Tasks

I’m trying to write a Python script that will play a sound every N seconds, and check a continuously-updated stream of data in order to play another sound if there is a change in the stream.
At the moment, I’m trying to use the “tasks” library to divide my program into threads to make the script more responsive to other data processing. I want to be able to run a separate thread for audio playback, and another for data checking. I’ve decided that audio playback will be handled by the thread that also handles data reading and writing, using the “JoinableQueue” and “Queue” classes.
My issue is, I’ve been trying to get audio playback working in my threads, but it’s been haphazard. I’ve tried using threading.Timer and threading.Condition, and I’ve also tried to use
tasks.when() in the context of the thread that also handles data reading and writing.
I’ve tried the following for the implementation of the playback and checking functions:
# Playback (Timer audio thread)
def stream_checker(self):
if not self.joined:
print(“New data”)
self.joined = True
print(“No new data”)

def play_file(self):
print(“Playing file”)


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