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You can add more than one language here. If you want to include games for children in a language other than English, and if you have the permissions, you could do this in the DB.

Arrange them in order by “name” and then when the game has the same name for all languages, select that one.

I will give you the same sort of situation.

I want to do 2/3 languages for children but with games that the parents would never buy.

I have spent days to make this and the problem is that most of the games are the same name (a sports game) in all languages.

Any help will be appreciate it.
Arrange them in order by “name” and then when the game has the same name for all languages, select that one.


Yes a great improvement, your work is outstanding.

Of course the first thing is to convert them and then rename them.

The problem is that you cannot use the “rename” function as we have to rename the entire tree.

Also renaming a field may have an effect in another field that is not as fully free of bugs.

I will give you the same sort of situation.

You only have to change the “Language” column to be “Lang” and to “Language” to be “Lang”.

I want to do 2/3 languages for children but with games that the parents would never buy.

Thank you for the heart full response.



Thanks to be reading your work and sharing.
It just worked, perfect. Thank you very much.

No problem.

Thx a lot.
I would love to give you reward but the situation is not that well.
Thank you again.

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