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| Program version: 2.0.4

| Manufacturer: Autodesk


AutoCAD Filesize Utility is used to analyze the size and location of files on disk.

This utility is part of the Windows Resource Kit.


Autodesk Content Server Client is an internet-based Content Server client, which works with the Autodesk Designer, Architect, or BIM 360 Client. Autodesk Designer is a web-based model design software for creating and editing BIM-based models. Autodesk Architect is a web-based planning software. Autodesk BIM 360 Client is an internet-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) client for designing and managing building information models. Autodesk Architect and BIM 360 Client, along with Autodesk Revit are all developed by Autodesk.


Autodesk Productivity Utilities is a suite of tools for improving the efficiency of Autodesk products. It includes application and system performance optimization tools, and a utilities menu that offers simple and effective ways to perform common data conversion tasks.


Autodesk Survey Construction Edition is a suite of tools for design professionals who need to perform surveys in-house for construction projects. The program is built around a combination of AutoCAD and data collection tools.


AutoCAD Archival is a platform-agnostic tool used for archiving Autodesk model files. It enables AutoCAD and Revit users to automate the process of saving their files to the cloud.


AutoCAD Architectural Framework is a ready-to-use framework designed for 3D modelers that can be used to develop and deliver complete architectural models, regardless of their complexity, in a single modeling session.


Autodesk AutoSketch is a free mobile software that allows you to quickly create 2D drawings on mobile devices.


Autodesk Content Server Client is used to access your content from your favorite apps or web sites on the web, and from the new web browser based content on Windows 10.


Autodesk Content Server Pro Client is used to access your content from your favorite apps or web

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3D modeling support is provided by Structured Query Language (SQL) queries in the DGN format, and importing of the DGN files. AutoCAD also uses the concept of “hidden” objects in order to model the hidden parts of the design, and the ability to model and edit parametric parts (a parametric solid, for example, would be a box made up of solid lines). AutoCAD is often used to design and create patterns and logos. The most common uses of pattern and logo files in AutoCAD are for drafting sheets (for example, a pattern for a poster that’s cut out and used as a template), and for customized templates for use in the drawing process. Commonly used applications that are included with AutoCAD include the Roof Tag, an application to help label roofs and other facilities, the Parametric Dimensioning tool, which automatically measures the length of parts, and the Hook & Loop tool, which allows drafting a repeated pattern.

Project Management
Starting in Release 2016, AutoCAD added a project management feature. It is similar to Microsoft Project, but with additional capabilities. The timeline view is used for project scheduling. Additional features include a cost overview and a library of resources. As with Microsoft Project, the user interface is touch-friendly.

3D modeling support
3D modeling is accomplished in AutoCAD using the AutoCAD database, which stores a database of objects, dimension-based drawing views, and their attributes. In order to ensure 3D models are valid, AutoCAD requires that the 3D primitives be closed polygons. An interior is defined as a closed space that contains no internal intersection. The exterior is defined as a closed space with an intersection with no interior. An exterior must be enclosed by an interior.

When creating an 3D object, AutoCAD creates a 3D view of the drawing area and places it on the x, y, and z axes. The x axis is aligned with the dimension (ie. horizontal) and z axis aligned with the elevation (ie. vertical). The y axis is aligned with the surface elevation of the model. This allows the user to create a front, back, top and bottom surface view of the model in the x, y and z axes. By manipulating the x, y and z axes, the user can place the model anywhere in the drawing area. By adding the view as a layer, the user can manipulate the view as any other layer.

With the 3D

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Start the Autodesk plugin in the Autodesk plugin installer.
Go to “Action” | “Plug-In manager” in Autodesk.

File information
Autodesk Autocad 2017

32-bit and 64-bit.

Last update: 2017.

15 years, 5 months ago.

Supported Architectural formats
Autodesk Autocad 2017


1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8, 7.9, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 9.7, 9.8, 9.9, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11

What’s New In AutoCAD?

And you can do the same from virtually any device with a web browser.

The AutoCAD 2D Task Pane:

Drag and drop tasks from the Task Pane and launch them with a single click. (video: 1:15 min.)

The AutoCAD 2D Task Pane lets you get more done with less clicks.

Mobile design:

Take AutoCAD anywhere with you on a smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Most AutoCAD Mobile projects have been streamlined to allow users to quickly start working with mobile devices. ( video: 1:30 min.)

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