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In the 1980s, many small and medium-sized businesses in the US and Canada used AutoCAD to produce technical drawings for electrical and mechanical engineering projects. The first version was a vector graphics program that produced drawings by cutting and assembling simple geometric shapes. It was one of the earliest CAD programs and allowed engineers and architects to produce schematic designs and technical drawings with a higher level of accuracy than was possible by hand drafting. In addition, AutoCAD allowed users to design directly on top of other AutoCAD drawings (a feature which is still used today).

In 1986 Autodesk acquired AutoCAD from Acorn Computers and incorporated it into the Acorn Product Group, later renamed the Autodesk Product Group. The firm’s goal at that time was to develop computer-aided design software that would help people work more effectively. At the time, the company was also developing a competitor to AutoCAD called MicroStation. MicroStation was released in 1992, with AutoCAD following in 1993. AutoCAD is the most widely used CAD application in the world, with over five million active users in 2010.

In 2008 Autodesk acquired CadSoft, an Israeli company specializing in design software products for the Mac OS X platform. Autodesk acquired the software company in October 2008, and renamed it to Autodesk Consumer and Industrial Markets.


AutoCAD was the first CAD program to use a true geometrical-based approach to engineering and architecture, and the first to allow real-time editing and viewing of simultaneous engineering data. The core architecture was based on rendering of construction lines, curves, and surfaces, which meant that the user interface was a mix of graphics and text. Text was used for the input of dimensions and settings, while the 3D model was displayed in a 2D window using rendered graphics.

AutoCAD was originally available for several platforms, and has been ported to several other platforms since its introduction. It became popular, and most users were independent consultants and individuals working in small businesses.

The first version of AutoCAD was available as a floppy disk. However, in the 1980s, the commercial desktop version was based on object-oriented programming, which was more difficult and time-consuming to use than vector graphics. AutoCAD’s editor and modeler was based on a different programming approach than vector graphics, and required specialized programming knowledge.

AutoCAD was originally bundled with a free

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Automatic cell handling
This feature allows changes to the user interface to be made without the need for user intervention. The AutoCAD Visual LISP add-on provided a fully featured programming language for customizing AutoCAD, with built-in functions to control aspects of the user interface, automate routine tasks, and script procedures. The Visual LISP add-on was discontinued with the release of AutoCAD 2009.

The Text Engine in AutoCAD 2010 introduced an AutoTextAddIn command, which allows for custom routines that can be used within the drawing file itself, and referred to as macros. AutoTextAddIn routines can be easily written using the AutoLISP text scripting language.

AutoTextAddIn routines are automatically discovered by AutoCAD 2010, and can be referred to within the drawing file itself.

AutoTextAddIn routines can be used to control the Ribbon interface, which allows for simple programming of the Ribbon itself.

Macros are easily accessible through the menus, right-click context menus, and drop-down context menus.

A number of other pre-defined routines are provided by default with AutoTextAddIn including:
AutoTextAddIn Routine
AutoTextAddIn SubRoutine
AutoTextAddIn Macro

AutoTextAddIn helps to automate and customize the user interface.

AutoTextAddIn is automatically discovered and installed with the AutoCAD 2010 Text Engine and AutoTextAddIn itself.

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List of vector graphics markup languages


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AutoCAD 23.1

– Open the Autodesk Autocad
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Step 5: Install and update the Autocad 2016

Open the Autodesk Autocad and go to the ‘Help/About Autodesk Autocad’ command. The information about the installation will be displayed on the page.


– Install it on a local machine, for example, on the C: drive.
– If the product uses internet to download files, you must install the Autocad 2016 with an internet connection.
– If you want to install the software on a network, you must install the Autocad 2016 with a fixed IP address.

Next, open the Autocad and go to ‘Help/About Autocad’. If the information is displayed, it is done.

Please note that the updates are free. However, not all updates are free.

– You can update to the latest version from the ‘Help/About Autocad’ menu.

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Autocad 2016

1. Open the Autocad and go to the ‘Help/About Autocad’ command. The information about the installation will be displayed on the page.


– Install it on a local machine, for example, on the C: drive.
– If the product uses internet to download files, you must install the Autocad 2016 with an internet connection.
– If you want to install the software on a network, you must install the Autocad 2016 with a fixed IP address.

2. Open the Autocad and go to the ‘Help/About Autocad’. If the information is


What’s New In?

Map Editor:

Work with a real-time 3D map without installing additional software.

Note: The video is 2 hours long, but here is a short version with the most important features:

Drawing Surface and Style Creator:

Quickly draw and edit with a pre-prepared drawing surface, style or drawing style. AutoCAD 2023 includes more drawing surfaces, styles and drawing styles than any other AutoCAD release.

Make and share smart annotations that are linked to features. Draw a rectangle and annotate it with the text “This area is blue” or with the text “No advertising in this area”. The rectangle can be linked to the text so that it can be changed when the text changes.

Annotate your drawings with comments, markups and borders with a few clicks. You can add comments, markups or borders to existing annotations, automatically.

The drawing surface and style creator are especially useful when you use a markup style that contains more than one drawing surface. For example, when you use a drawing style that includes a border, you can use the border drawing surface to mark up the paper, create a border of your own, or align your drawings.


Save your changes to a template to automatically generate further sheets.

Keep track of your history. When you create templates, keep your old sheets so you don’t have to recreate them.

Save your template edits in one place. You can keep your templates in one location.

Visual Styles:

Get different view styles for the same drawing from one click. Quickly view, customize, and edit your drawings with visual styles.

Join, cut, and splice multipolygon objects. You can now connect multipolygons and edit the result with a single click.

Quickly join and splice multipolygons. You can join a multipolygon to another multipolygon with a single click.


Use coordinates to place and annotate 3D objects.

Speed up drawing with the help of a mouse. The new mouse pointer settings can be easily adjusted to your liking.

De-synchronize your CAD data in a new way. AutoCAD 2023 supports the old and new sync modes, and de-synchronizes for you in

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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