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The name “AutoCAD” is a contraction of the phrase “Automatic Computer-Aided Design”. The application is named after AutoDesk, Autodesk’s predecessor company, which was founded in 1980. Originally available only for the personal computer platform, AutoCAD was one of the first software products to be acquired by Autodesk in 1985. Autodesk acquired most of the Microstation product line in 1999, which is now being replaced by AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2019 is the latest release of AutoCAD for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Autodesk AutoCAD and related programs are powerful design applications used to create architectural, civil, and mechanical designs. Most models created by AutoCAD use a geometric construction known as a solids feature. The geometric model of a house, for example, is constructed using solids features, which are 3D polygons that have specific attributes: a color, a line style, and an image. The geometric model can also be represented by non-geometric entities such as text labels, dimensions, viewports, and other special graphical objects. AutoCAD and related software programs use solids features, referred to as drawing entities, to form the 3D representation of a drawing.

In AutoCAD, the different features of a 3D geometric construction are typically made up of individual objects that can be placed in the 3D viewports of the drawing. A 3D object may have many features such as edge rings, facet rings, and other shapes with textures and properties.

Features of a 3D geometric construction used in AutoCAD and similar CAD software programs include

Advanced Design Tools

A design-based application such as AutoCAD is useful for creating a wide variety of designs. However, AutoCAD is not a drafting software program but a highly customizable, sophisticated application. AutoCAD and other CAD software applications can be used to create a wide variety of design objects including architectural design models, plant drawings, mechanical engineering and assembly drawings, and civil engineering design models.

CAD Objects are used to form the overall design and shape of a construction. They may have features such as edge rings, facets, and meshes. These features are often used in a variety of styles.

CAD Dimensions are used to measure an object’s length and width. They can be used to accurately scale, size, and position the 3D model.

CAD Sten

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AutoCAD uses a single, powerful integrated application, which is set up to do CAD work, PLM work, CAD/CAM and design work. In a global sense, AutoCAD includes a comprehensive set of standard CAD features, such as 3D drafting, 2D drafting, and 2D and 3D modelling. AutoCAD Standard 2020 uses the graphical, layer-based, 2D and 3D modelling features.

The 2019 release of AutoCAD includes a new graphical user interface, with smart views and features such as Radial And Subdivision Surface which allows the creation of complex 3D objects and Curves and Bezier curves.

Among the additional features introduced in AutoCAD 2020 are the following.

Intelligent Data Management: This feature automatically simplifies, generates, and transforms data to allow the user to concentrate on the design. This feature also provides the capability to open, edit, and manipulate CAD files directly from an XMP or RTP (XML Paper Specification) file.
Shared Databases: This feature is used to build databases which can be used by more than one user. It can also be used for sharing models and drawings with other users on a network.
Customization: This feature supports creating custom layouts for drawing items.
Interactive 3D Graphics: This feature is used to create 3D drawings using technology that allows you to insert arrows and text in the 3D space.
Surface graphics: This feature allows the user to create images that have smooth surfaces.
Template and process management: This feature allows you to design processes to automate common CAD tasks. It also allows you to create templates for the modification of other files.
Navigation: This feature allows you to create customizable panes, frames, and pop-ups on the canvas.
Localization: This feature allows you to adjust the interface to fit the user’s preferences.
Raster and Vector:
Raster to vector: This feature enables the creation of vector-based drawings from an image or other raster-based data.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Print preview:

Get a view of your drawings on your printer, so you know how they will look on the final output. See the capabilities of your printer, including page size, and automatic scaling options.

Ensure your designs are accurately representing your intentions: easily create line and curve splines with a minimum of tedious manual editing. Easily create anchor points that help to assure the accuracy of your splines.

Layer colors:

A new color layer opens all the properties for all the color layers of the drawing. You can instantly access the color settings for the new layer and any existing color layers.

(Inactive layers in the drawing are still visible in the color settings and can be selected, but not activated.)

Color-managed drawings:

Rely on accurate color for your work.

Multiple color selections:

Split your existing selection and color to make multiple color selections within a drawing.

Color-managed applications:

View colors from multiple applications within one color workspace.


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AutoCAD® 2020 Release Date

AutoCAD® 2020 will be available on June 29, 2020.


Autodesk® 2018 Color Selection Tutorial Videos

Discover the following videos that walk through the entire workflow for using AutoCAD® 2018 to apply color to your drawings. These videos are also available in English and Japanese.

Video 1: Single Selection: A single AutoCAD® 2018 object is selected and then assigned a new color.

Video 2: Multiple Selection: Multiple objects are selected and assigned new colors.

Video 3: Multiple Selection with Splines: Multiple objects are selected with splines and assigned a new color.

Video 4: Single Selection with Splines: A single object is selected with splines and assigned a new color.


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