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AutoCAD Crack For Windows 2017, the latest release of the program, is a fully editable 2D drafting application with 3D capabilities. It is free to use for both personal and commercial use. The current version of AutoCAD is 2017.

AutoCAD is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.


AutoCAD has several key features:

Multi-user and/or multi-project drafting and design

2D Drafting

2D 3D modeler and scanner

2D/3D Design

2D/3D analysis

2D/3D parametric and constraint modeling

2D/3D fabrication and manufacturing

Online interaction through Network, Internet, and cloud-based interfaces

Tools for Documentation and reporting


2D Drafting and Design

There are five views (panels) in AutoCAD: 2D Drafting, Project Browser, Window, Web Browser, and Drawing List. The 2D Drafting panel contains tools for preparing a drawing and editing a drawing. The Project Browser is used to display the drawing or a file. The Window panel is used for viewing all tools and sections in the drawing and the Web Browser is used to view any web-based information. The Drawing List panel is used to list all drawings and sections in the drawing.

Before AutoCAD, most computer-aided design (CAD) software applications only allow users to design, add, and edit objects on one drawing at a time. Autodesk introduced Multi-User Drafting and Design in 1989 with AutoCAD 1, and Multi-User and Multi-Project Drafting and Design in 1991 with AutoCAD 2. These features allowed users to work on multiple drawings in parallel and edit multiple drawings simultaneously.

2D 3D Modeler and Scanner

AutoCAD supports 2D and 3D drawing and model creation. It also has 2D and 3D scanners, and it supports the creation of 2D and 3D solids, surfaces, and linetypes.

2D/3D Design

AutoCAD contains tools that allow users to create floor plans, 3D buildings, design and detail engineering drawings, and 3D models. It also allows users to connect to 2D and 3D data, import and export 2D and 3D data, and export 2

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CAD ai

In October 2015, AutoCAD announced the new capabilities for 3D models and drawings. The new tool, Autodesk 3D Warehouse, is a web-based tool that provides 3D models for CAD users.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

The new Markup Assist feature dynamically integrates information from the source material – you don’t need to select objects or components for each change. It uses an intelligent match technique to identify objects in a drawing and automatically replace their properties.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can now use a press-and-hold on a parameter to assign it to a keyboard shortcut. You can press the assigned shortcut and select a second parameter to reassign it to a different shortcut.

Extended Ribbon and HUD:

The ribbon is now available in your drawing, with separate panels for each of the four major sections. The panels are also divided into groups for filtering and sorting.

Faster AutoCAD program startup:

The memory usage requirements have been reduced. The footprint of AutoCAD on the hard drive has been reduced. You can speed up startup by choosing Startup Options > Reduce Autodetectors.

Extendable ribbon buttons:

You can now customize the size of a ribbon button by assigning parameters that modify its height and width. To do so, select the button and then open its properties box by clicking the button’s small black arrow.

New icon for viewport size change:

The Viewport Scale change command has been replaced with an icon that indicates the viewport scale is changing.

Other enhancements:

Added new settings to the Object Snap dialog to improve usability for designers of 3D objects.

The Conditional Draw and Feature Information tools have been updated.

Changes to the Ribbon and the Draw panel:


The ribbon has been redesigned to improve usability and ease of use. You can now use the ribbon to customize toolbars, assign shortcuts to menu items, filter or sort panels, and apply groups.

The ribbon toolbar has been reorganized, with all commands grouped into logical groups.


Groups help you organize and filter panels in the ribbon.


Filters allow you to automatically assign property values to objects based on their name, tag, class, style, or status. (For more information about filters, see Filters in AutoCAD.)


The Show/Hide feature provides a more convenient way to display the ribbon panels that contain lists of objects. You can also specify whether a list should show or hide all

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