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1.9 “You” or “Your” means an individual or a legal entity exercising rights or obligations
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4) Create a username that is not linked to your real name and that has different usernames for different scenarios. When you log into your Facebook account from a different device or location, .
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User Reviews and Feedback

In Short: Developer’s previous version of the program on this version,
The software is like a pinnacle in technology as it is the best source to update Facebook feeds to your profile and receive.
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Saving dynamic data to a page

My source application can change data dynamically so I need a backend solution. The accepted answer here :
send back response based on method name sent from client
says to use ASP.NET MVC but it seems a bit dated and I don’t fully understand how to use it. I am not looking to return Json or any other format at the moment.
I was looking at Angular.js but that seems too complex for what I need, I can’t seem to find an example that covers my use case.
So I was wondering if I can create a page on my MVC project that could receive the data and output a json object or something else I can parse through with javascript easily.
What I have

.NET Framework 4.0

What I have tried

My best solution is to go back to my C# application and use the async/await pattern to return the data I want to the page. Then I can parse the data and output them in a nice way.
But my previous program uses VS 2008 and I’m not a fan of it anymore. (too slow)
I have tried Angular.js, specifically this : which is hosted on github… but while the results would work on my local machine I’m not sure how to output the response using the server.
Most other Angular examples that I’ve seen have servers that aren’t for.net and while the Angular example seems to work in a.net project I can’t figure out how to output the data.
(example :


Use Web API (which you’ve tagged as ASP.NET MVC).
Your server (Web API) can read from the database and write to a file.
Then on the client (jQuery, Angular,….), you can read the contents of the file.

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