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Name AHH!!! MazeZing
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.42 / 5 ( 3475 votes )
Update (9 days ago)



In the future, mankind has spread across the galaxy. Some are pioneering new frontiers while others continue to build on what we learned here, on Earth. At the center of it all is the Central Government, a conglomerate of corporations working towards a greater goal.
The Believers believe that the Central Government has the answers to our problems and they work towards a society built on faith.
The Sceptics, on the other hand, believe that the Central Government is a force of its own and could care less about the communities it governs. They believe that a corrupt, but powerful, government will do whatever it takes to keep itself in power and will do anything to see it stay that way.
The Citizen, simply referred to as Citizens, are those that do not belong to either faction. Unlike the Believers, who are set in their ways, the Citizens are constantly changing because the system of authority is always shifting.

You’ve unlocked your home base, so you finally get a chance to start your Journey.
The map is nothing like the one you had before, but there are plenty of books on it.
If you get stuck, there are a couple of way around the maze. The first is a long tunnel, and the second is the doorway to an elevator.
Don’t ever use your guns against the Citizens. Never!

the happy ending
Story: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

+ A lot of the time you get to look at the map before proceeding
+ Decent short tutorial where you get to hear how the game functions
– I dislike the camera placement, it’s hard to see the cues on the map sometimes
+ Can choose between patrolling and sneaking
+ Levels are increased by going through a door in a room
– Nobody is around, It might be hard to find a different way around
+ The levels get a bit repetitive.
– Difficulty levels are straight up too easy
+ Hard to hit two Citizens at once.
– Doesn’t have enough game breaking traps
– The maze level designs leave a lot to be desired.
– It’s a bit annoying.
+ The puzzles seem to be based on whether you want to do or not.
– No actual puzzles in the game. Just levels that serve as an obstacle for you and them.
+ Not very difficult, due to the little difficulty element.

clutching at straws
Gameplay: 5/10

+ At first this game didn’t seem


AHH!!! MazeZing Features Key:

  • A lot of map types, easy to start but challenging to last until the end. You can play to seek the fastest, shortest, hardest.
  • Easy to understand, beatable in a short time, yet challenging to master.
  • Strategic and Tactical game modes. In the strategic mode, player will put army base where they want to stop other by getting an edge for side or get more advantage by ambushing other.
  • Lots of base upgrade, mobile patrol, troop upgrade, air attack, equipment and arty upgrade: 8 types of upgrades, 4 types of buildings, 5 types of troops, 5 types of artillery, 3 armors.
  • New features: find ring map online (by subscribing!), online ranking and leader board
  • More map types support coming soon.


AHH!!! MazeZing Crack + [32|64bit] [2022-Latest]

The game is a puzzle platform game with a story mode.You explore
a procedurally generated maze that grows in scale with your gaming
skill, traveling from smaller mazes of medium size. This maze increases
in size (that’s right the maze gets bigger and bigger)!
The game also has multiple gameplay modes, multiple rooms, and multiple
The maze is NOT a safe place! The maze is a secure
place but not safe! You will encounter dangers and traps throughout
the maze. Some are quite easy to handle while others require a very
special kind of dexterity or courage. You will have to plan your moves
carefully because you only have one life.
There are multiple rooms and mini games. The first is the simple graphics box. It’s a simple gameplay box with a light maze background that guides you through a few mazes. You can pick which maze you want to play in and you get a short view of what the maze looks like. The maze you play in is randomly generated.
The second mini game is called Beaming. In Beaming you have to use a music box to get past an obstacle. You have 5 chances to guess the correct key before the ceiling has to be charged. If you are successful then you get a restart. If you are unsuccessful then the player has to guess the key again. There is one complication you need to be careful of though. If you aren’t successful the ceiling is charged and you lose the match.
The next mini game is riddleing! In this you have to solve a riddle. The player has to find a key that can be used to open a door. The key is hidden in a box, and the location of the box is randomly generated. The player has to click the door to open it. The player has 4 chances to find the correct key before the match is lost.
Next is the puzzle box. In puzzle box there are multiple boxes you have to open. Once you open a box you will have a limited amount of time to open the next box. You have the same number of chances to open the box as the box has. You may have to use your brain power to figure out the solution to the puzzle before you give up! If you think your puzzle solving skills are up to par you can use hints to help you solve the puzzle.
The fourth mini game is patrol. You have to use a beam of light to pick up the beam from the light box and travel to the


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What’s new in AHH!!! MazeZing:


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How To Crack:

  • Click here to download the Game. Save the downloaded file as<> AHHMazeZin.DirectX
  • Extract the save game file. (Double Click & Run Once)
  • Click ‘Enviroment’ to set the Game (For those who want to change it’s appearance) or choose another game directory
  • Click Shell Icons on the bottom panel for the main interface.
  • Double Click AHHMazeZin.exe and Play, it’s that easy!
  • (Optional) To change the splash screen, click ‘Splash Screen’ on the bottom panel.
  • Click ‘Accounting’ for the main menu. (It’s right at the bottom)
  • ‘(Delete all)’ –> ‘Shift-Delete (for delete all)’
  • Click ‘‘Create new Account’ –> ‘Login Screen’
  • I will try to be active for this list, but don’t bet on it!

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    System Requirements For AHH!!! MazeZing:

    OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    Processor: Pentium IV or AMD Athlon 64
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video card (Minimum recommended: ATI Rage Pro XL, NVIDIA GeForce 3)
    Sound Card: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
    Other Requirements:
    Internet connection
    Processor: Pentium 4
    Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video


    Name AHH!!! MazeZing
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.42 / 5 ( 3475 votes )
    Update (9 days ago)


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