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■ Quickly and easily turn your PC into a language learning and communication assistant!
■ This convenient program bundle provides a complete array of features for use in both business and personal settings, making it easy to communicate and search for information with users of your native language, learn new words, phrases and expressions, and train yourself on vocabulary and pronunciation.
■ Easily configure new translations on the fly with the new Input Line search function
■ Translate text from any application without launching another program
■ Get a quick and comprehensive scan of the current translation list with LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008.
■ Create text files and documents with LingvoSoft Talking Translator 2008
■ Search, record and playback the text to hear the audio content of any spoken word
■ Turn any page or diagram into a quick and easy flashcard – add pictures, audio, a key and other text-based information
■ Talk to friends and family on Skype from anywhere, making free calls to all your friends and family in your native language
■ Quickly and easily access the Internet via a combination of IE and the Microsoft Office applications
■ Easily navigate and search the vast LingvoSoft Dictionary database
■ Manage and add to your own Word, PowerPoint and PDF vocabulary lists
■ In the demo version only 10% of the dictionary database can be used
■ In the demo version the Phrasebook database is fully functional for the first two topics
■ In the demo version only 20 dictionaries and 10 language pairs are supported
■ In the demo version the User Guide is only available in English
■ In the demo version the Bookmarks List is only accessible via the MS Office Software
Supported Languages:
■ English
■ Bulgarian
■ Czech
■ Croatian
■ Polish
■ Russian
■ Slovak
■ Spanish
■ Swedish
■ Turkish
■ Hungarian
■ Finnish
■ Norwegian
■ French
■ German
■ Greek
■ Dutch
■ Italian
■ Portuguese
■ Spanish (Castilian)
■ Welsh
■ Swedish (Svenska)
■ Norwegian (Norsk)
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This application can tell you everything you want to know about your music and movies. It will find out information about your files like
• File information
• Information about encoded bitrate
• Similarity between files
• Encoded date
• Title
• Language
• Comment
• Blu-ray and DVD protection
• APE and ID3 tags
• Subtitle formats
• Textual content
• Sampling rate
• Duration
• Frame rate
• Bit depth
• Scan type
• Compression mode
• Stream size
• Language
• Information about the audio
• Information about the video
With the additional tool of an official website, you can also search and download subtitles for all the languages of the World. MediaInfo Website:
Download and try MediaInfo for free.


How to identify music with essential metadata?

How to identify music with essential metadata?

How to identify music with essential metadata?

It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken about the tools I use every day to create my videos. I thought this would be a good chance to do so because there are a few tools I reach for when I’m looking for certain effects that I might want to use.
When we started doing these videos, I wanted to make sure they were high quality and I still do 🙂 I use iMovie (I know, I know) but I’ve been looking at other options. So, for the sake of this video, I decided to make sure any clip served its purpose. The video has music, some voice-over, and a couple of title blocks. So, here we go.
The music I used is called Superfunkyjazzmusic and it can be found here:



The music of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Film Experience: The Essential Album Collection. Bruce Springsteen is the most covered singer/songwriter in the world.
The instrumental hit single of this album is better than the album.
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Film Experience: The Essential Album Collection. The best-selling album ever by a pop artist