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This software acts as a record/replay tool for keyboard macros.
Supported Language:
English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese
What can this software do for you?
KeyMacro is a handy utility that can be used to record your custom keyboard combinations and replay them automatically in the future.
KeyMacro records keyboard macros with one-keypress actions like copying/moving files, starting applications, launching websites, opening folders, sending a fax, etc.
When the recorded keyboard macros are played back, they are executed in the exact same order as they were pressed.
How to use KeyMacro?
Record a Macro
Open the program, select the option to record a new macro, type the key sequence into the “Key in macro” box, then press the “Add macro” button. The program will record and display a red “Recording” sign.
You can now play any of the recorded keyboard macros in the “Play back key sequences” box by pressing the “Play” button.
Play back a Macro
Select a key sequence from the list, then press the “Play” button. The selected sequence will be played back in the order in which it was recorded.
If you would like to record multiple key sequences into one macro, you can use the “+” button to create a new macro.
Why should you use this software?
There are many occasions when you need to perform certain tasks on your computer without having to move away from your work. In these situations, you can use a software utility like KeyMacro to perform actions like copying files, launching programs, etc.
In addition, you can also use KeyMacro to share certain actions with other people. For example, you can create a “Send fax” macro that copies a certain file to a certain fax machine, and have the recipient perform the same actions.
With KeyMacro, you can also play back a recorded keyboard macro to create and distribute reminders, or to set your computer up for an environment where certain tasks are performed by default.
How does this software work?
KeyMacro works by “hooking” the function keys, the Alt key, the Ctrl key, and the Shift key. The software monitors the states of these keys when a macro is running, and automatically executes the actions associated with the current state.
For example, if the 4f8c9c8613

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KeyMacro’s main focus is to be the simplest, and most productive, way to create macros. You can use a variety of different methods to create macros and KeyMacro will automatically link to other applications when you execute them. No tedious programming is required. Macros are created using a tree-like diagram, called a dialog, and KeyMacro will automatically save the dialog, and link it to other applications to create macros.
KeyMacro is a basic macro editor that runs on the Apple Mac OS X. The application uses a rich multi-level library that helps users to control and organize their macros using a tree structure.
You can create macros using a number of methods. The tree allows the user to easily create a macro from any source that generates data. Macros can be saved and loaded from disk. Macros can be saved in any file format, such as Excel, Text, CSV or plain text. The user can define how a macro is executed and what data is used for it. The user can specify whether the selected data is used only once or always. The user can define how the data is selected.
The user can also specify whether a macro should be stored on disk or in memory. The user can also determine the state of the macro and whether the macro can be disabled or hidden. You can also create macros for applications such as Excel or Microsoft Access.
Drag and drop interface for easy creation of macros.
Automatic creation of dialogs that are linked to other applications.
Define how the macro will execute and what data it will use.
Generate a dialog for a macro from any data source that generates data.
Save a macro in any file format.
Automatic download of macros.
Save a macro in memory or on disk.
Place a user-defined text in the clipboard.
Reorder, move, duplicate, and delete the dialogs.
Set the state of the dialog.
Show/Hide dialogs.
Use a dialog as an alias for another application.
Mac OS X version 10.0 and later.
You can create only one macro for each execution.
One dialog can only link to one other application.
Macros cannot be accessed from external applications.
Macros cannot be used from any application.
All permissions and capabilities granted.
File size: 18 MB.

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