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The story is about the curse of the west coast in the town of karakai.Out of the town, the curse appeared, because the work done by a strong spirit(actually a person) is now gone.And there’s a huge monster that should be like 8 meters tall..as I explained,It’s not the Touhou.Actually, I did like the story a lot.Although a little bit too strange..but that’s an important part of the charm of the Touhou.And then, there’s no girls in the movie.Although it’s mostly a male.The characters are pretty cool too.Just a girl and a boy.Although this is a game released in 2018, and the main character is female,The cast is very typical, and it would be nice to play the game in the stage that contains a girl.ShennigamiMijinoyukiShennigamiMijinoyuki

Capcom has released a new set of screenshots and details for both Touhou Project and its newly announced Nintendo Switch release.

The screenshots are high-res and show off a bit of new art style and the new Touhou Project on Switch.

The most significant change is seen in the battle system. The firing angle can be changed to four different angles in Touhou Project, but with the Nintendo Switch version, the battle system will be like the base Touhou games and can be fired at 360 degrees.

Next up are some changes in the story. The intro cutscene will play and you’ll be able to go to each character’s room, but on the Nintendo Switch version you’ll be able to talk with each character to gain their support in battle.

Elsewhere there are also new characters and story elements like the Black Haired Yumemi.

Finally, Capcom is switching up some of the weapons of the Touhou characters. First off is a weapon for Alice. She has a longsword, but a new one named the “Arrows of Mary Sankakku” will be used in battle with an archery bow.

Next is the new Bishamon weapon, “The Frosty Rose”. It looks like she is using some sort of ice form as a sword.

Next up is a brand new weapon for Jin-Oh. It looks like it is some sort of cannon.

The final new weapon is a duo. This is the “Hell Nova Cannon”. Its a


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